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a gift and a card…

i thought I would join in with City Crafters Challenge this week, with a little matching gift and card set that came together quickly.  For those of you following me along my trip through England, there are more photos below this project…


RebeccaDeeprose CCC-1


I repeated a variation of a card and envelope gift container that I first made HERE.  I love this little template.  It has a space on top to hold envelopes and a drawer on the bottom for notecards.  Embellishing the top makes such a lovely presentation.  For those of you following my blog, you already know that I’m spending a few weeks in Yorkshire and Lancashire England along the Leeds Liverpool canal, traveling on a wide beam canal boat.  For those of you who have just popped in, I’m crafting out of a suitcase!  This gift was made from 2-1/2 sheets of card stock and a few pages from a 6 x 6″ patterned paper pad.  The only other supply (besides adhesive) is a single button on the front of the drawer.  The photo above shows the top of the gift box…


RebeccaDeeprose CCC-2


This is a photo showing the cards stacked in the drawer.  Oh, I forgot that I threw a pack of black notecards and envelopes into the suitcase as well and am I ever glad I did!  They are black outside and white inside…


RebeccaDeeprose CCC-3


Each envelope has a die cut shape adhered to the face, ready to be addressed…


RebeccaDeeprose CCC-4


A combination of background patterned papers and fussy cut images embellish each card…


RebeccaDeeprose CCC-5


I really enjoyed working with these images and the sharp accent of black, which I don’t often work with…


RebeccaDeeprose CCC-6


Each card only took minutes to assemble and the fussy cutting is something I enjoy, so I don’t mind sitting down and spending the time to cut out a little stack of elements…


RebeccaDeeprose CCC-7


Four paper elements are all that make up this card…


RebeccaDeeprose CCC-8


This is the card that is going to the recipient.  The very distinctive lettering and images set it apart from the rest of the cards…


RebeccaDeeprose CCC-9


Thought I would show you the side view…Since I’m without a sewing machine for the next few weeks, I added some ‘hand stitching’ so the corner bracket.

Here are some photos from the past few days travel…  As we approached a lock at Thorlby,  the boat pulled up to the bank so that the lock could be opened (and then closed of course) and the entire herd from the farm bordering the canal came rushing over to us.




What you can’t see in this crowd, is a large black bull who is a bit intimidating, even behind a stone wall…




The boat is exiting the lock…




Another of thiose bucolic scenes I don’t tire of…




Wherever there were abandoned buildings, the chimneys remained upright…




An ‘ordinary’ view on the canal…




sigh (I do a lot of that here)…




and lovely stone homes I fantasize about living in…




Our approaching barge caused a flurry of wings as a gaggle of Canada Geese were flushed from the grassy bank onto the field…




I hadn’t known that these lovely, but messy birds had established themselves in the U.K….




Here’s a shot of the barge approaching yet another lock.  This one is just past a stone bridge (#170!)…




The close set of gates have been opened and the water level reduced to that of the boat’s…then in we enter…




Then we close the gates behind us, open the sluices at the front…




the walls inside the locks are a study in aquatic plants!..




Then the sluices fill the lock and we open the front gates…




take the boat out and are treated to the new sights awaiting…




More Virginia Creeper…sigh…




This was a particularly beloved home..every inch has been tended to and lovingly embellished…




This picture is my view of quintessential English countryside.  Sheep, green pasture and a magnificent, though not overdone village…




We moored up at East Martin for the evening.  On our way to the ‘Cross Keys’ pub for dinner, we passed this lovely home and noticed that we were being watched by this black lab, poking his head through one of the gothic windows on the second floor  (first floor here in England)…




This gorgeous flower was growing roadside on our walk.  It looks like a simplified version of Batchelor’s Button…




This is a portion of the ‘village green’ in front of the pub.  What a delightful place and the most wonderful meal at the Cross Keys.  Thanks for visiting with me.  I hope to be back soon, with more photos!




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17 comments to a gift and a card…

  • Vanessa Z

    WOW to both the gift & card and your travel photos and comments!!!! I am loving your trip as much as i love your talent
    ! You really do amaze me! Thanks for all of your sharing. Hope you’re warm and dry. I hear that it’s rainy across most of the U.K. right now.

  • Marissa Winslow

    This is a fabulous paper crafter gift! I love the way you did it and you’ve just given me the answer to my annual, ‘What do I make for gifts this year’ question! I better get started and thanks for sharing photos of each card. I will keep the pictures in front of me while I work on them, to remember to keep it simple and gorgeous!! Best to you, Marissa

  • Marissa Winslow

    Oh, and I’m going to look at older posts to see your trip from the beginning!

  • Wow coming to visit was such a treat!!! First the magnificent gift and card set(sigh I want them all) and then I felt I was floating on the barge with you Thanks so much for sharing those photos!!!

  • Patricia Donahue

    What a great gift idea and so beautifully embellished!! I LOVE the images on the black backgrounds. It’s very effective and your trip is spectacular!! Please keep the photos coming. I’m getting a real thrill, following along!! Thanks so much, Pat

  • Holly Saveur

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it ALL Rebecca…the gift and …the photo’s all so very gorgeous!
    Such an amazing trip….love all the houses..country side..well all…those geese are flying over my house quite low twice a day..they eat the grass in the fields around us…
    keep the photo’s coming ..please?
    I did send you another email with a copy of the one you didn’t receive..
    Hugs Holly.

  • Amy Ginsberg

    Your work inspires me Rebecca and I thank you for sharing your trip as well as your talents! The gift and card are simply gorgeous..but I think I can do it!!! and your photos of your trip inspire me to really think about traveling. I am such a timid Minnie. You push me forward in many ways, so thank you truly!

  • **sigh** i am LOVING your trip photos!!! so much beauty to take in 🙂
    your cards and box are stunning!! going to put this on my “to do” list and give it a try 🙂

    off to catch up on your last few days now 🙂 *darn work days get in the way of my commenting and crafting time! lol

  • Linda S in NE

    I am enjoying this latest series of photos of your trip. You can have those “pesky Canadian Geese”. I live on a golf course here in the States, and they are considered a real nuisance, and can get quite mean when they think they are protecting “their” territory. In their favor however, I must say they are a delight to watch take off and land. A question about one of your photos. I noticed in the pic of the geese, there are old, weathered wood posts in the water. Do you know why they were there? It would seem to be just one more hazard your skipper must watch out for. Just curious. I look at and enjoy all the details of your photos, especially the black lab watching you from the window. Too cute.

  • Hi Rebecca, I’m amazed that you still have time for crafting with all your travelling around but the box and cards are really lovely. Aren’t those images delightful? Sorry I didn’t get the chance to meet up with you when we were in Yorkshire but its lovely to be able to follow your journey along the canals. Fantastic photos. Love, Margie xx

  • Just loved looking at your photos and the countryside. Thank you. Oh, I mustn’t forget…the box and cards are very nice and a wonderful gift.

  • OMG! What an amazing creation you made! It’s simply gorgeous! Your pictures are so beautiful I’m lost for words. Thank you so much for sharing your journey from another land. Gorgeous!

  • I love your card and gift set … Beautiful work … Thanks so much for playing along at CCCB! And those photos … you have no idea how many memories they are evoking … I’m 11 years old again and travelling the locks with my dad and my brothers … My dad would moo at the bulls and cows and have them running along the bank … Thanks for this … See you soon!

  • Erin Peterson

    Your project is fantastic! I think the way you worked with those patterned papers is exquisite!!!!! The little card and envelope case is perfect for so many different styles and I know I will get lots of use from it. So beautifully done!!!!! As for your trip, OMG what a stunning place! and thanks so very much for sharing some of what you’re seeing! I love to travel, but life just isn’t making it possible right now so I’m loving how you make it possible to live vicariously!! Many thanks!

  • Jane Townsend

    The project and the place are both absolutely beautiful! Great work Rebecca!!!!!

  • Fabulous gift set!!!! And your pics are wonderful!!!!!!

  • This is just gorgeous! And I’m so impressed you did it on vacation and took limited supplies! Wow. Just lovely! And thanks for sharing your vacation photos!